PICAXE-18M2 Controls TA8050P H-Bridge Motor Control
PICAXE-18M2 connected to TA8050P H-Bridge Motor Control

PICAXE 18M2 H-Bridge DC Motor Control

by Lewis Loflin

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; setfreq m4  ; All M2 parts internal k31, 
; k250, k500, m1, m2, m4, m8,m16,m32
; Use terminal at 9600 at 8 mHz
; if using 4 mHz set terminal 4800

let dirsB = %00001111 ; PB0-PB3 output, PB4-PB7 input
pullup on ; enable pullups PORTB
pullup %11110000 ; pullup B.7 - B.4

let pinsB = pinsB & 0xF0 ; outputs off

symbol SW0 = pinB.5 ; all HIGH when open
symbol SW1 = pinB.6
symbol SW2 = pinB.7

if SW0 = 0 then goto OFF1 ;endif
if SW1 = 0 then goto REV1 ;endif
if SW2 = 0 then goto FOR1 ;endif
goto main

let pinsB = pinsB & 0xF0 ; motor off
pause 500
; let pinsB = pinsB | %00000001 ; motor on
high B.0
goto main

let pinsB = pinsB & 0xF0 ; motor off
pause 500
;let pinsB = pinsB | %00000010 ; motor on
high B.1
goto main

let pinsB = pinsB & 0xF0 ; motor off
pause 500
goto main

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The PICAXE series of micro-controllers rank as the easiest and most cost effective way to use Microchip processors. I wanted an easier and less expensive way to introduce my students to the "PIC" micro-controller. Here I hope to get those starting out past poorly written literature and lack of simple working code examples.

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