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Raspberry Pi Using FEH Background Image Setter

by Lewis Loflin

FEH is a basic low-resource picture viewer and wallpaper program for Linux-based systems. This is for both Openbox, Fluxbox, and JWM.

~ $ sudo apt-get install feh

Still in the terminal, open an image with feh.

~ $ feh /usr/share/images/desktop-base

Use left/right arrows to select image, right-click on the image then file then background then select set centered, etc. This generates a file .fehbg in your home directory that will be used when logging in to set the wallpaper.

Other scaling options include:

--bg-tile FILE
--bg-center FILE
--bg-max FILE
--bg-fill FILE

To restore the background on the next session, add the following to your startup file (e.g. ~/.xinitrc, or ~/.config/openbox/autostart, etc.):

$ sh ~/.fehbg &

For openbox this must be placed in the autostart file.

leafpad ~/.config/openbox/autostart

Add the following:

#start up for openbox
# uncomment what you want if not selected from .xinitrc
#wall paper
sh ~/.fehbg & 

#bottom tray/bar choose only 1
#exec tint2 &
#exec xfcer4-panel &

# clipboard
#exec parcellite &

# system monitor
#exec conky & 

Save and close and restart. These same selections don't need to be called from .xinitrc just for openbox-session.

To change the background image, edit the file ~/.fehbg which gets created after running the command feh --bg-scale /path/to/image.file mentioned above.

See the FEH Wiki.