DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor

Arduino Using DHT11 Temperature-Humidity Sensor

by Lewis Loflin

This version with a DHT11 temperature-humidity sensor differs from the two earlier pages in the subroutines have changed and new ones introduced.

Use here of the LCD display differs from the video below in that we no longer are using the I2C version LCD controller. Due to changes in the Arduino compiler the original user supplied libraries no longer work. I wrote my own code which anyone can see how it works and modify at will.

A Sn74164 is connected to Arduino to operate the LCD 8-bit date lines. Only four connections, two to the LCD display and two to the Sn74164 are all that's needed to operate the display. The purpose here is to illustrate how to connect electronics to a micro-controller.

The routines enable one to display integers, floats, strings, and characters on the display. I also introduced two functions not even in the Arduino reference such as itoa() and dtostrf().

YouTube video for this project: Using a SN74164 Serial Shift Register with a LCD Display and Arduino

LCD display with 74164

Arduino code for this project: arduino_dht11.txt

YouTube video for this project: Arduino with a DHT11 and DS18B20 Temperature Sensors

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