LA4224 internal block diagram
LA4224 block diagram.

LA4224 1 Watt Audio Amplifier Specifications

LA4224 by Sanyo:

Monolithic Linear IC;
Audio Output for TV application;
1W Monaural Power Amplifier.


LA4224 is a 1W monaural power amplifier intended for television audio output. This IC requires only two external components (capacitors) and is ideal for realizing cost reduction of electronic devices.


1W monaural power amplifier (VCC = 9V, RL = 8 ohms).
Built-in Mute transistor.
Power supply range: 5 to 15 volts.
Input impedance: 40k.

The part is hard to find and was selling for $10 at Ebay. This is presented for technical information only. I salvaged one off of a junk TV and it worked fine. The original factory spec sheet presented an example audio amplifier and it was wrong. They reversed the collector and emitter on the mute transistor. It produced a good clean output into an 8-ohm speaker.

LA4224 audio circuit.
LA4224 audio circuit.

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