Arduino Nano with DS18B20 temp sensor.

Raspberry Pi Serial Interface Arduino

by Lewis Loflin

This program will reset Arduino, wait a few seconds, then perform a serial read of Arduino and display result with conversions on a terminal.

The Arduino is programmed to operate as a modified 16-bit TLC548 serial ADC.

The Arduino sketch is arduino_ds18b20X2.ino.

This is used with Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 - note GPIO pins.

Arduino is reset by Raspberry Pi and after a short delay performs a serial read in this case of data from a DS18B20 Centigrade temperature sensor. The conversions to Centigrade and Fahrenheit is performed by Raspberry Pi.

The code is rpi_arduino4.txt.

This is a collection of programs and hardware hacks related to mainly Raspberry Pi and Debian Linux.

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