Simple GPIO Reference Box

by Lewis Loflin

Use FEH to produce a nifty pop up image resizable within a window.

Download pi3_gpio.jpg and save in your /home/pi/bin folder.

Open a text editor and copy/paste the code below. Save as bin directory above. Open a terminal in bin. Then make executable:

~ $ sudo chmod +x

Now type "" picture will pop up. Rename the file to whatever you want. This works with any image file.

# use feh to display image file at reduced size
# -g sets size to no larger than 640x480 or 800x600
# up arrow increase image size, down arrow reduces image size
# -d draws the file name
# must have correct path to image file
feh -g 400x600 -d -S filename ~/bin/pi3_gpio.png
exit 0