H-Bridge schematic with Darlington-IGBT transistor outputs.
Fig. 1 H-Bridge schematic with Darlington-IGBT transistor outputs.

H-Bridge schematic with Darlington-IGBT Transistor Outputs

by Lewis Loflin

Because I could use the same test setup for IGBTs as n-channel MOSFETs I tested those I had.

IGBTs at least those I own shouldn't be used unless it's a very high voltage circuit. They have a high voltage drop (Vce ~2V) with low voltage h-bridge circuits and are better used for higher voltage switching.

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Conclusion: IGBTs don't work directly with 3.3V and 5V micro-controllers such as Arduino. At least 7-volts is required for turn on. The high Vce of 1.5V to 2V can waste power.

IGBTs do differ from MOSFETs with both positive flow and electron flow could deliver more power even at 2V Vce to the load. They are really designed for high-voltage switching.

Device*Vce*Vce(sat)*IcIc 10VVce

* from spec sheet.
** no data found.

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